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Take Allevia before your hayfever symptoms take over you

Life isn’t waiting for your hayfever symptoms to pass and neither should you. That’s why Allevia 120mg tablets helps deliver relief that lasts 24 hours, acts within one hour and  is non-drowsy in the majority of people, so you can get on with enjoying your day.

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Discover the purple brand for allergy relief

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Allevia® Benefits

Allevia® offers multi-symptom 24 hour allergy relief, acts within one hour and is non-drowsy in the majority of people.

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Understanding Hayfever

Learn more about hayfever, what it is and what you can do to manage your symptoms

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Understanding Allergies

Learn more about different allergy types & how to manage allergies all year round​

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Discover the Allevia® Benefits

Take Allevia before your hayfever symptoms take over you

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24 Hour Relief

Allevia lasts 24 hours to help you breathe easy day and night

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Acts Within 1 Hour

Allevia works within one hour so your day doesn’t have to slow down

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Non-drowsy in the majority of people

Allevia is non-drowsy in the majority of people, so you can live your life, not your allergy. 

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Understanding Hayfever

The first step to relieving hayfever is to understand it

About hayfever

Do you get confused about what hayfever actually is?

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Symptoms of hayfever

Find out what can trigger hayfever and what are the symptoms

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Hayfever Tips

Find out tips on how to manage your hayfever

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